Top Technology Blogs Of 2011

There is no way to avoid it, technology has taken a front seat in just about every humans life rather they like it or not. The top technology blogs on the internet give the everyday Joe a way to stay in touch with the newest technology trends and helps them see what is coming next for their favorite types of tech and more importantly their favorite tech gadgets. These blogs can really help you make smart buying decisions too. When you know where the trends are going to be going it is much easier to buy the products or services that will be here and just as relevant for years to come. Because technology and the surrounding services, products and businesses change so fast, it really is hard to predict what will be next.The popularity of the tech blog has grown because this is the medium that most technology fans prefer. Instead of needing to wait for the late night news, you can be automatically updated by using RSS feeds or simply keeping your favorite tech blog open in a web browser window. If a new story breaks the internet offers an instant delivery system that lets bloggers from all over the planet to connect with their readers in a matter of seconds. This instant delivery really works in an up and coming generation that does not even know what “delayed gratification” means and as for the news publisher’s this offers a perfect way to get the word out faster than ever before.

When you start looking for new ways to get the hottest news about the stories that matter most to you, it may be a good idea to get started with the best technology blogs on the net today. Just follow that link and you will be brought to a list of the most popular and most powerful tech blogs on the net today. When you check out the top 5 list you may find out that you are already frequenting some of them. These top tech blogs are bringing the most recent and most frequent updates to those who are ready to be on the forefront of the new technology wave!

Stay With the Times – Get the Newest Technology and Computer News

Stay Up To Date On The Latest Technologies
You may realize that almost every year, technology advances. It’s hard to stay up with the times and keep upgrading your technology only to keep up to the most advanced. In only a couple years, computers can change so greatly that things over ten years of age becomes unusable and unable to be used. How can people afford to keep on buying all the latest computers without putting too large of a dent in their bank account? The answer is easy. You may avoid shopping at big retail shops and buy your computers at computer wholesalers.

What are Computer Wholesalers?
When computers and different types of technology 1st come right from the workshop, they are usually in ordinary boxes or bags and sold by wholesalers. Sometimes, retail companies like computer stores or other grand retail shops may purchase tons of computers from wholesalers who usually sell at factory price, maybe a tiny bit higher. But the goal is, that retailers package the computers better, set them up on display, and make them appear better. They have to pay for marketing prices as well as the rent or bills for their stores. Hence, they will sell at a way higher price.What are Computer Retailers?
Retail shops often raise up their sales tags greater than 25%-50% of wholesale prices. This means, essentially, that you should be able to go to a computer wholesaler and purchase a new PC, or some other types of technology they might carry, for a fraction of the sales tags someone might spend if they walk into a computer shop to acquire one. wholesale computers are simply as good as the ones you’d seek in retail centers – so how wouldn’t you purchase one for as low priced as you can?

Where May I Locate Wholesale Computers?
You can locate any wholesalers that sell computers simply by asking someone in the computer industry, such as going to a Mac or PC store and asking where you may seek a wholesaler. You will call stores and ask who supplies them with their items. If that doesn’t work, you may look for wholesalers in the phone book, you can search on Google or your preferred Internet search engine, or you could hunt in your city or town’s business directory. No matter where you locate one, you may save oodles of cash when you buy wholesale computers.Overall I think wholesalers are the best option – even if you don’t need the extra supplies. Chances are you got it cheap and you know a few people who needs a break or two. The world is always changing the technology, so keeping up with it is vital to any business success.


The Growth in People Powered 24 News and Breaking News Internet Websites

There have been similar websites / concepts but these were based on earlier technologies, typically the mobile phone using MMS, they could never provide the comprehensive service now offered by the newer technology Internet news sites.

Mobile Phone Technology

Whilst mobile phones were successful for sending news and pictures, for example the Tsunami in Thailand, the mobile phone network often cannot cope with the volume of traffic during such an event. Networks were overwhelmed with people trying to phone friends or relatives to see if they were safe.

Within a very time of the London Bombings, mobile phone networks were unable to cope and the situation was made worse by people continually pressing re-dial.

Phone networks expect a certain volume of traffic based on the number of people who have subscribed to that network; the internet works on a different principle and so does not cease to function efficiently during a time of increased communication.
The speed at which breaking news hits the internet cannot be bettered as it only takes few a minutes for a user / reporter to send news in 3 easy steps:-

1. Click to write & report news

2. Add videos, photos & tags

3. Login or register to submit

Coverage of a UK based Internet News Website is typically:-

  • London and the Southwest
  • N Ireland
  • North
  • North East
  • North West
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • South West
  • Midlands
  • European and World Coverage.

There may also be other tabs for Travel news, entertainment, sport, business, politics, technology. New websites using Content Management Systems like Drupal (used by the White House) can easily cope with vast amounts of information.

News from any country in the world can be put on the website as easily and quickly as regional news, and the user can read the news they are interested in at the click of a button.

This contrasts to 24 hour news on the Television, where the viewer has to see news that may not be relevant to them while they wait for the news item that they are interested in. If they tune in to the same 24 hour news channel 30 minutes later, they may notice that some of the news is on a sort of loop, and they have to watch the same story again, even though they were disinterested in it the first time around.

24 hours news, the Ipad and mobile Internet Devices

The internet is now the best medium for breaking 24 hour news because of the increasingly widespread use of mobile internet devices. Examples are the Ipad, tablet pc’s, notebooks and the latest generation of mobile phone with fast and efficient internet access.Today’s young professional increasingly use internet news sites at home and work. They can quickly zoom in on items of news, business or travel and then move on to the next item in their busy schedule.


When large numbers of consumers bought and used mobile phones either in addition to their fixed lines or as an alternative to having a fixed phone line, it affected the way we communicate. It is expected that as large numbers of consumers buy and use mobile internet devices in addition to, or as an alternative to their ‘fixed line’ (broadband or network at work / University), there will be increased use of highly successful people powered 24 hour breaking news internet sites.

A Cool Way to Market Your Business Using Augmented Reality Apps

What’s augmented reality? A good example is the yellow “first down” lines seen on TV during American football broadcasts – the field of play is augmented by a digital image of the line that must be crossed for the offense to get a first down. Imagine if you could augment the reality of your prospective customers to see a map to your business. You can actually, very easily and not that expensively!

Augmented Reality is a live or indirect view of the physical real-world over which are overlaid computer generated images or information. Beginning with their April edition, Calvin Klein Underwear will run augmented reality ads in GQ. Other applications integrate with YouTube or Flickr and users’ geo-tagged media is overlaid to see what different places look like at different points in time. Augmented Reality is about to be assimilated into our lives.You can start out by developing an AR app or you can use apps already out there and add information about your business, event or product for free. Three apps that you can add to are available at, and at What you have to do differs with each app but essentially you have to add a tag containing your information, media – whether pictures or video – and a geographical coordinate. Wikitude uses Google Maps as a tag provider for a quick and easy solution. Once you’ve tagged your location with your information, spread the work to prospective consumers digitally by web or in your marketing media so that they can discover something cool about your business by looking for it or taking a look at it through an AR browser.

Another cool way to engage prospective consumers is to use AR for fun – successful marketing strategies commonly involve “fun” and “entertaining” aspects to engage prospects through interactivity, and by so doing energize sharing and extension of a business’ message, such as through contests, quizzes and games. AR can be used in this fashion such as by:

– Taking an AR picture with a local celebrity. Activating the app would open the mobile phone’s camera, superimpose the celebrity’s picture and your prospect could stand next to him or her. It could be “Picture The Celebtiry” at home, at lunch etc. The picture can then be sent to friends, submitted for entry to a contest or to a social networking site such as Facebook. A prize can be a lunch with the celebrity.

– “Meet, Greet and Discover” – Use the AR app as a Locator / MeetUp generator. Let your prospect discover what is happening around your business. Have news / updates fed in.- “Proud to be?” – Place objects in virtual space. Choose from iconic images related to your business. Send a message to prospects mentioning that you just placed an iconic image somewhere. Whenever someone is in the neighborhood they can discover your message by turning on their phone. A game element is possible – as for instance, he/she who places the most objects wins a prize.

All such AR examples can be integrated with social media networks. Of course such technology would also be invaluable in showing your prospects where to go and buy from you, better than a map and more effective where calls to actions/information could be placed in a mobile user’s virtual space.